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First Steps for Students

  • Know your rights. The student’s district or open-enrollment charter school may not deny unreasonably the request of a parent to enroll their student in a TXVSN course. The student’s district or open-enrollment charter school should make all reasonable efforts to accommodate a student based on Rights Concerning State Virtual School Network in TEC §26.0031.
  • Contact your school’s counselor. Your local counselor can verify that a course is part of the student’s graduation plan and can provide assistance with the registration procedures and policies for that school. If the local school is not participating in TXVSN, encourage them to participate and contact TXVSN if questions arise.
  • Use CLUE IN to become familiar with online learning and expectations for students taking online courses.
  • Establish the course cost. A course provider’s cost is noted in the catalog. Determine if the school is responsible for the course cost. In some instances it may be appropriate for the school to request that the student or parent pay for a course. See the FAQ on Funding for details.
  • Browse the statewide course catalogs for course availability.
  • Confirm who is assigned to be your campus support. To support the learner, a campus mentor should be designated by the school. The campus mentors are very important to the success of the online student as well as to the communications between the TXVSN teacher, the student, and the school.
For a more comprehensive overview watch the “What is TXVSN” (54MB) video. Download MediaPlayer.

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