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Demo Courses

The Texas Virtual School Network catalog includes approved courses from Texas public school districts, open-enrollment charter schools, Education Service Centers, and higher education institutions.  Courses have a design and structure unique to the provider. Individual provider courses may vary slightly; however, the examples below provide a glimpse into the typical course structure and design of the provider. media player download

Alief Course Demo Video

Alief ISD - High School Courses

In English II studies selections from the works of well-known American and British authors, as well as significant works from other cultures. The goal is to help you achieve an understanding of fiction and non-fiction in various forms, from both a literary and historical perspective. .mp4 410MB     transcript

Amarillo Course Demo Video

Amarillo ISD - High School Courses

Art I is designed around the same philosophy as all of Amarillo ISD online classes are. Web-based resources and tools are used to create a rich, virtual learning environment, and to foster a high degree of interactivity between you and your teacher and your online classmates. .mp4 397MB     transcript

ESC 12 Course Demo Video

Education Service Center Region 12 - High School Courses

An interactive, online course provided by Educational Service Center Region 12, Physics is the science of the natural world, the study of the structure of the universe in all its aspects. In this course, you'll be introduced to the basic concepts of physics. .mp4 348MB     transcript

Plano Course Demo Video

Plano ISD eschool - High School Courses

Often moving … frequently inspiring …  occasionally  tragic … but always fascinating, United States History Since the Reconstruction is not only the story of a nation, but of a brave social experiment. In designing Plano courses, the goal is to challenge you in ways that help you learn to think critically and independently. .mp4 455MB     transcript

Spring ISD Course Demo Video

Spring ISD - High School Courses

In English Two takes you beyond the basics of the English language and into learning how to use it to express yourself. You learn about poetry and puns, similes and metaphors -- the part of language that helps the reader visualize what a writer is thinking. You study how great authors use language creatively, to get their point across. .mp4 175MB     transcript

SuperNET Course Demo Video

SUPERNet Consortium - High School Courses

SUPERNet Consortium was created for the purpose of developing courses for online learning. In this Sociology course, you'll be introduced to the different facets of sociological study. Among other things, you'll study how people are collectively influenced by government, religion, economics and media. .mp4 407MB     transcript

TVS Course Demo Video

Region 4 - High School Courses

According to Princeton University research, students who take Latin typically score 200 points higher on their SATs than other students. That's why this state-of-the art online Latin One class is a great choice for a language elective. Offered and taught by the Texas Virtual School ESC Collaborative. .mp4 231MB     transcript

UTA Course Demo Video

University of Texas at Arlington - Dual Credit Courses

United States History, the online, freshman-level dual-credit survey course in early American history was developed by educators at the University of Texas at Arlington. The course goes beyond the facts of what happened to questions of why and how. .mp4 635MB     transcript

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