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  Saturday, October 25, 2014



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2014-2015 TxVSN Statewide Course Catalog Public School District and Open Enrollment Charter School
The updated TxVSN Statewide Course Catalog Public School District and Open Enrollment Charter School Agreement for the 2014-2015 school year is ready for your TxVSN District Administrators to complete.
2014-2015 Agreement

House Bill 1926 changes to TxVSN
The full session of the 83rd Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1926 which makes some changes to the operations of the TxVSN statewide catalog.  The TxVSN statewide catalog website documentation, agreements, FAQs and other relevant information will be updated upon receipt of final guidance from the Texas Education Agency.





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First Steps for Students and Parents--Statewide Catalog

  • Determine student eligibility.  Students must reside in Texas, be younger than 26, and must not have graduated high school or previously attended high school in state but not be currently residing in the state due to dependent of a member of the US military. 
  • Know the course cost. A course provider's cost is noted in the catalog. The student's school may charge a fee for enrollment. TxVSN may only accept course payment from a school district or from open-enrollment charter schools.
  • Know your rights. The student's district or open-enrollment charter school may not deny unreasonably  the request of a parent to enroll their student in a TxVSN course. The student's district or open-enrollment charter school should make all reasonable efforts to accommodate a student. See TEC 26.001
  • Review the Data Center. Find information to help make informed choices on course providers and courses. Take a look at the enrollment data ,research course providers’ completion results, or examine a provider's typical course structure and design.
  • Browse the Online Course catalogs for availability of each course.
  • Contact your school’s counselor. Your local counselor can verify a course is part of the student's graduation plan and can provide assistance with the registration procedures and policies for that school. If the local school is not participating in TxVSN, encourage them to participate and contact TxVSN if questions arise.
  • Experience the CLUE IN to become familiar with online learning and expectations for students taking online courses. 
  • Confirm campus support. To support the learner, a campus mentor might be designated by the school. The campus mentors are very important to the success of the online student as well as to the communications between the TxVSN teacher, the student, and the school.

For a more comprehensive overview watch the “What is TxVSN” (54MB) video. Download MediaPlayer.


Student MYTxVSN Account

Registered students in Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) can now create their own account. The “Course Forecaster” tool is made available as a part of your account. This tool provides a summary of your course records and an opportunity to request future courses.

  • Go to and click on the Student tab at the top.
  • Click "Go Create Account".