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  Thursday, October 23, 2014



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2014-2015 TxVSN Statewide Course Catalog Public School District and Open Enrollment Charter School
The updated TxVSN Statewide Course Catalog Public School District and Open Enrollment Charter School Agreement for the 2014-2015 school year is ready for your TxVSN District Administrators to complete.
2014-2015 Agreement

House Bill 1926 changes to TxVSN
The full session of the 83rd Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1926 which makes some changes to the operations of the TxVSN statewide catalog.  The TxVSN statewide catalog website documentation, agreements, FAQs and other relevant information will be updated upon receipt of final guidance from the Texas Education Agency.





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Steps to Submitting a Course

After initiating the application process, and having received login credentials, potential TxVSN Providers will submit their course(s) via the TxVSN Electronic Course Submission System (ECSS).  First, the potential TxVSN Provider must affirm a set of application assurances. Assurances relate to the potential TxVSN Providers' ability to meet statutory requirements. Next, the potential TxVSN Provider will supply general course information such as course name, PEIMS numbers, semesters, contact information, technical requirements, and TEKS alignment. TxVSN Course Review will need course access and login information for each reviewer. Details and submission forms are further explained within the ECSS.

Online Course Eligibility

Online courses included in the TxVSN statewide course catalog must meet the basic definitions set forth by Senate Bill 1788 and Texas Education Code Chapter 30A. Online courses are defined as follows: instruction and content are delivered primarily over the Internet, a student and teacher are in different locations for a majority of the student’s instructional period, most instructional activities take place in an online environment, the online instructional activities are integral to the academic program, extensive communication between a student and a teacher and among students is emphasized, and a student is not required to be located on the physical premises of a school district or open enrollment charter school.

Before moving on to the course submission process, a potential provider district should self evaluate their course(s) to verify that they meet the above definition of an online course.

As TxVSN builds its course offerings for schools, the courses to be reviewed by TxVSN for Grades 9-12 shall include a full range of course options that are needed to complete high school graduation requirements (Recommended Plan) found in 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 74. Priority will be given to foundation courses that satisfy the new 4:4 requirements in the areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Also included in the array of course options are Advanced Placement courses, languages other than English and the classroom portion of a driver education and traffic safety course.

The Course Review Process

Prior to being entered into the TxVSN statewide course catalog, courses are reviewed for alignment to course TEKS, the North American Council for Online Learning "National Standards of Quality for Online Courses", and for online content accessibility (Rehabilitation Act: Section 508 and ADA Title II compliance).

Provider Agreement

After course review, TxVSN Central Operations finalizes a Provider Agreement with the potential provider. The agreement relates to course semester availability and enrollment schedules, the number of sections and seats available per course, course cost, and other relevant data needed to populate the TxVSN statewide course catalog. When the agreement is finalized, the TxVSN Provider's courses are published in the TxVSN statewide course catalog and are available to TxVSN Receiving Districts.

 Sample Catalog Provider Agreement

Once courses are approved by TxVSN Course Review and the TxVSN Provider Agreement is in place, the TxVSN statewide course catalog displays all approved courses with each course description and its objectives, associated technology specifications, schedule, assessments, costs, and other relevant data for each TxVSN Provider District. School personnel and students can review options to select the course that best meets students’ needs.

Time Frames to Consider


When attempting to list a course in the TxVSN statewide course catalog for a targeted semester, TxVSN Course Review anticipates that a course will go through the review process and be approved if the submission is completed according to the schedule below.  Naturally, this is dependent upon the length of time the TxVSN Provider takes to make TxVSN Course Review requested course modifications based on the review.

If you are interested in more information regarding the Course Review Process, please submit your request to